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We are proud to provide full daycare service in a unique school environment. We follow Montessori approach, which promotes a child’s total development.  The Montessori Curriculum is designed in a way that it helps all children achieve their full potential without pressure or competition. A child is free to challenge themselves at their own pace without feeling ahead or left behind.

The Montessori approach offers a broad vision of education. Montessori is designed to help children with their task of inner construction as they grow from childhood to maturity. It succeeds because it draws its principles from the natural development of the child. The inherent flexibility allows the method to adapt to the needs of the individual, regardless of the level of ability, learning style, or social maturity.

We run our Montessori Program from September to June and Summer Camp for July and August.

Toddlers (18 months – 30 months)

At 18 months, children join the toddler community where basic motor coordination, independence and language development are fostered and individual personality is respected. Rather than a classroom, it is a nurturing social community where very young children experience their first contact with other children and learn to participate in a cooperative group.

Casa (30 months to 6 years)

Children in the primary program possess what Dr. Montessori called the absorbent mind, the ability to absorb all aspects of one’s culture and environment without effort or fatigue. As an aid to this period of the child’s self-construction, individual work is encouraged. The following areas of activity cultivate the children’s adaptation and ability to express and think with clarity:

PRACTICAL LIFE WORK for learning how to use tools of daily life. Care for the self, others, and our environment.
CREATIVE ART STUDIO with access to art media and plenty of space to get creative.
SENSORY AWARENESS to explore with all senses and learn to describe and classify.
SCIENCE including geography, botany, zoology and inquiry to the natural world.
LANGUAGE ARTS to develop skills of reading and writing and literacy.
MATHEMATICS to progress in number awareness and operations.


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